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Big Commerce or ShopifyBig Commerce or Shopify?

Which One Should You Choose to Promote Cruise Line Jobs?

Anyone who is actively involved in the cruise line industry is well aware that the majority of applicants now leverage the power of the Internet to present their CVs and to contact prospective employers. This is why possessing the correct e-commerce platform is absolutely essential if recruiters are hoping to reach as wide (and targeted) of an audience as possible. In truth, basic website hosting solutions such as WordPress are hardly sufficient in this day and age. Two the largest and most respected e-commerce providers are Big Commerce and Shopify. Still, Shopify has been attracting an increasingly diverse audience in recent times. Why is this the case and why might it be a good idea to migrate away from Big Commerce?

All About the Basics

From a general perspective, both Big Commerce and Shopify Plus appear to represent worthwhile solutions. However, there are a number of reasons why a growing number of recruiters are attracted to Shopify. One main sticking points is the price of Big Commerce services. Another major downfall is that successful customers will be required to pay extra fees; almost as if they are being penalised for their progress. This has left a sour taste in the mouths of many entrepreneurs. In addition, the themes associated with Big Commerce are relatively expensive; placing extra pressure on firms with limited budgets.

Also, there are very few different versions of Big Commerce to choose from. The "Lite" variant offered by Shopify simply does not exist. This will make it very difficult for cruise industry recruiters to integrate Big Commerce into existing platforms such as a static website or a blog portal. Even if they attempt to do so, the mechanics behind such a synergy are highly technical.

What Does Shopify Plus Have to Offer?

In terms of Big Commerce vs Shopify, there are some profound differences to note. While each is considered to represent software as a service (SaaS), only the Shopify Plus system offers a second-to-none sense of scalability. This is one of the reasons why Shopify merchants will experience a yearly growth rate as high as 126 per cent.

Shopify is also associated with much more intuitive and insightful theme editors. This is critical in terms of branding and cross-channel appearances. Big Commerce assumes that the user already has previous experience. This is obviously quite frustrating for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to learn complicated coding parameters.

Big Commerce is also rather murky when it comes to their multi-channel marketing capabilities. Shopify Plus clarifies the entire process so that recruiters and business professionals in general will know exactly what to expect from their hard work.

The cruise ship industry is a highly competitive sector. If you hope to reach as many qualified applicants as possible, it pays to work in synergy with an e-commerce service that is able to offer superior levels of clarity and insight. After all, a bit of preparation today can lead to unparalleled success tomorrow.

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