The Risk Management Guide


Effective Risk Management

Effective management of risk helps you to manage projects and improve operational performance. A good software tool can support risk management activities to:

  • create a Framework for Risk Management
  • manage risk Reporting to senior management, especially risks which cut across core business activities and organisational boundaries
  • maintain a clear Audit trail of decisions to ensure that risk management reflects current good practice, with quality assurance of key decisions as input to audit.


  • Brings Management to otherwise ad-hoc Project risks and issues
  • Improved visibility through the availability of a large range of Automatically generated Reports on-demand
  • Increased certainty and fewer surprises
  • Better service delivery
  • More effective management of project risks and issues
  • More effective management of Change
  • More efficient use of project resources
  • Better management at all levels through improved decision making
  • Reduced time waste and better value for money
  • Management of contingent and maintenance activities
  • High Visibility of Risks across multiple projects
  • Up to the minute accurate reporting on-demand of project activities
  • Issue Resolution3 x 3 Risk Matrix
  • Management Information
  • Risk & Issue Manager
  • Problem Tracker
  • Assumption & Decision Tracker
  • Dependency Manager
  • Multi-User Application
  • Multi-Project Application
  • Multi-Language Application
  • Decision Tracking
Effective Windpower
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